The Dark Choir Series

baitandwitch(med)BAIT AND WITCH

In this short story prequel to The Curse Merchant, Dorian Lake travels across the Chesapeake Bay to help a client who is being harassed by a backwoods sect of religious extremists. However Dorian quickly realizes that his client is anything but helpless. Caught in the crossfire of forbidden magic, Dorian must find a way defuse the situation before someone gets killed… or worse.

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Dorian Lake has earned his place at the top of Baltimore’s hermetic industry, expediting the karma of those whom the system has failed.  But when Dorian’s captivating ex-lover Carmen arrives on his doorstep after two years’ absence, he plunges into a cat-and-mouse conflict with a corrupt soul-monger that jeopardizes not only his career… but also his soul.
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