The Dark Choir Series


In this short story prequel to The Curse Merchant, Dorian Lake travels across the Chesapeake Bay to help a client who is being harassed by a backwoods sect of religious extremists. However Dorian quickly realizes that his client is anything but helpless. Caught in the crossfire of forbidden magic, Dorian must find a way defuse the situation before someone gets killed… or worse.

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The Curse Merchant: Book 1 of the Dark Choir series.THE CURSE MERCHANT
Dorian Lake has earned his place at the top of Baltimore’s hermetic industry, expediting the karma of those whom the system has failed.  But when Dorian’s captivating ex-lover Carmen arrives on his doorstep after two years’ absence, he plunges into a cat-and-mouse conflict with a corrupt soul-monger that jeopardizes not only his career… but also his soul.
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The one person standing between Hell… and an innocent girl… is a man without a soul. After navigating the magical and political minefields of Baltimore, Dorian Lake has found the one person who can find and return his soul. The price? Just one curse. Meanwhile, a dark presence arrives in the city, hell-bent on finding Dorian’s soul first.  When the fight gets personal, Dorian must rely on those he trusts the least to save the innocent. As he tests the limits of his hermetic skills to defeat this new enemy, will Dorian lose his one chance to avoid damnation?

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