The Dark Interest

dark interest cover small

Surrounded by evil on every side, Dorian Lake is about to face his most personal challenge yet…

A wave of dark voudon magic is rolling into Baltimore. With new rivals on every street corner and hidden enemies out for blood, hex peddler Dorian Lake is doing his best to keep his head above water. All he wants is a chance to reclaim his soul, but an unseen adversary is driving the city into chaos around him.

Dorian suspects The Dark Choir, which has both haunted and hunted him for too long, is behind a groundswell of violence in the city. He’s more certain than ever that they are manipulating events to exterminate the human species. Aided by a handful of close allies—a powerful Stregha, a metaphysical scientist, and a coven of Wiccans—Dorian must follow a series of labyrinthine clues to unravel his greatest enemy’s plans before they come to fruition, even if it means facing off with megalomaniacs, nickel-and-dime gangsters, and even City Hall itself.

Dorian goes on the offense, pulling every tool from his magical arsenal to rain down the vengeance he’s believed by so many to wield. Dorian has never embraced his identity as a Curse Merchant, but his life is on the line, and he’s about to become a true believer in his own power. Sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire—or, in this case, darkness with darkness.

Re-release, coming soon!