Cover Reveal – The Curse Servant

Last Monday, the subscribers to my newsletter got the first glimpse of the new cover for The Curse Servant. Part of my release-a-thon for the entire Dark Choir series, Servant is the second book in the series wherein Dorian Lake comes to grips with the realities of having no soul. What’s worse, the Dark Choir seems hell-bent on finding it before he can.

The new cover from J. Caleb Design is a slam-dunk! Carrying on the new theme, I think this cover really conveys the dangers Dorian finds himself in, while still trying to protect the innocent.

The Curse Servant (hopefully) launches this Tuesdays, September 3rd. I say “hopefully” as there’s been a bit of a hiccup on Amazon’s end… hence my not having this available for pre-order. I’ll keep you posted. With any luck, and some nice, shiny karma, the book will be ready for your eager eyes on Tuesday!

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