Sharon Bayliss’ December People Re-Release

It’s a beautiful fall day here in the Mid-Atlantic. The temps are in the sixties, the sun is peeping from between fluffy clouds, and my thoughts turn to the change of the seasons. In fact, this cosmic mechanism is the center pin for the magic system of an urban fantasy series written by a writer friend of mine.

Sharon Bayliss submitted her December People series to my previous publisher roughly the same time I submitted the Dark Choir. We were published nearly back-to-back, and our worlds have a lot in common. Fun Fact: I slipped an oblique reference to her series in The Curse Mandate.

In Sharon’s series, magic and its users are governed by their identity with seasons. But beyond the magic and world-building, her books are about a family. I teach a course of creative writing at Frederick Community College, and I always place the class on character building before my plot lecture. I do this because I’m a firm believer that a reader can forgive weak, swiss-cheese plots if they give a damn about the characters.

Since my departure from my previous publisher, I’d fallen out of contact with Sharon. Which is why I was thrilled to discover that Animus Ferrum Publishing has picked up her December People series!

And as if by fate, the first book in her series, DESTRUCTION, is slated to release back-to-back with The Curse Mandate! If you enjoy urban fantasy aimed at an adult audience, this series is a slam dunk. Keep your eyes peeled… book one releases on Tuesday October 15!

2 responses to “Sharon Bayliss’ December People Re-Release

  1. I just came across this, but am glad to hear her books are getting a re-release! I discovered her series at about the same time I found yours at your former published sight and have thoroughly enjoyed both.

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