Cover Reveal – The Curse Mandate

Members of my newsletter got a sneak peak of the new cover for The Curse Mandate last week. Miss out on that? Then sign up right here for the Fistful of Fiction newsletter, and be the first to see new artwork and catch a glimpse at some of my behind-the-scenes antics!

The re-release-a-thon for the Dark Choir series continues for October, with Book 3, THE CURSE MANDATE! This is a real meat-and-potatoes book for Dorian’s sage, brimming with political conspiracy and a cast of memorable characters… including the return of Annarose Rodolfi, the Stregha from the prequel short story, “Bait & Witch”. (Want to read that story? Get a free copy with the newsletter signup! Okay, okay, I’ll stop plugging the newsletter.)

Here’s the new cover for Mandate… once again courtesy of J. Caleb Design:

The action heats up with this book… which ends the “Curse Trilogy”. Coming up in November, we’ll begin the endgame for Dorian in the “Dark Trilogy”, beginning with book 4, THE DARK INTEREST.

Keep your eyes peeled this Tuesday, October 9 for The Curse Mandate, and spread the word!

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