Thus are Blogs Born

Welcome to my public airing of literary laundry!

My name is J.P. Sloan. I have taken the first earnest steps towards a career as a novelist. Having written various pieces in various genres at various lengths, my recent investment in my goal of being published was sparked by a simple question.

What do I really want to do?

For the last fifteen (or so) years, I have enjoyed the simple act of building worlds from the page up. As with practice comes improvement, I have found that my fiction has gathered more and more interest. So it occurs to me that any dream worth having is worth pursuing… even to the point of flinging myself headlong.

In this space, I will be commenting on my journey from relative obscurity to success, and with any luck, beyond. Along the way, I will be commenting on my various writing projects, my journey as a writer, tips and tricks I have discovered along the way, and perhaps a laugh or two towards maintaining mental health. And as my projects progress, I will be adding bits, clips, and snippets to whet the appetites of would-be readers.

I would feel honored if you would follow along with me!

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