Current Project: The Curse Merchant

I thought I would take a moment to describe my current project.

The working title is The Curse Merchant. It will be my sixth novel-length project. I would classify it as a paranormal thriller, though it has strong mystery elements with a slight noir tone. Here’s the pitch:

“Dorian Lake, a facetious hex peddler in Baltimore, finds his feelings for his ex-girlfriend are rekindled when she asks for his help in buying back her soul from Osterhaus, an unscrupulous soul monger. As Dorian navigates the dangerous underworld of Netherworkers, he finds he may have become a pawn in a greater struggle between forces older than Mankind itself… and his own soul may soon be in jeopardy.”

The story is told from Dorian’s point of view, my second attempt at First Person narrative. Thus far, I have found it a challenge to maintain a clean flow while filtering it through the mouth of my protagonist. The good news is that I find him to be an utterly likable character, which makes it easier to write… and hopefully to read!

Thus far, the story is fully outlined, and I have completed the first chapter. I’ll post excerpts as the project progresses.

2 responses to “Current Project: The Curse Merchant

  1. Ok, from the description alone I’d pull it off the shelf and read the first pages. Can’t wait to see more.

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