Credit Correction and Updates

Last Saturday I began a six week course on revising and editing called “Zen and the Art of Manuscript Maintenance”, taught by author Meredith Bond. I made a discovery during this class which has spurred me to make a quick public credit shout-out. As I compiled the various worksheets and outlines from my years of studying writing theory, I found the Excel spreadsheet that formed the base of the scene worksheets I have discussed previously on this blog.

Well, it turns out that the Excel spreadsheet that I used was actually a handout from Ms. Bond’s editing class that I received from a previous student. When I saw the scene worksheet up on the projector this Saturday, I realized that this is basically her baby, and that I should give a very clear and formal crediting for it. So, there you go. I’ve made a couple minor tweaks to it, but the substance of the scene worksheet is hers.

By the by, if you’re a fan of Regency romance, go check out her website!

In other news, I received my scores for the Beer Judge Certification Program late last week, and I am happy to announce that I am now a fully certified Beer Judge. I have a number and everything.

I'm still on the look-out for a beer drinking certification program...

October is quite the furious month in our household, thanks to two birthdays (mine is this coming Monday, by the way… I’m registered at Tiffany’s), an anniversary (seven glorious years!), my second favorite holiday in the year, and no fewer than six extended family birthdays. It’s more expensive than December! But what a magical month it is. The leaves are changing color here in the Maryland piedmont, the air is clothing itself with a brisk chill, and the quality of sunlight has tilted to the peculiar shade of blue you only get during Autumn.

Which is to say that I’m finding myself pulled in several directions and finding it more and more difficult to carve out time (insert jack-o-lantern pun here) to edit Omnipotence. Happily, I have a strong support team at home, and this revision class is twisting my noodle back into a rigorous, one might say merciless steel trap of editing terror.

As I move into the second half of this glorious month, I intend to adopt a policy with junk words and adverbial dialogue tags similar to that which I take with zombie hordes.

Go for the headshot!

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