I am a Bond Villain of Social Media

I now have fingers reaching out into the Internet, like a Bond villain sending out henchmen to wreak havoc.

Out of curiosity, is there any other actual application for the word “wreak” that doesn’t immediately require the word “havoc?” Can you wreak peace? Or a martini?

In any event… I now have a Facebook Fan Page. If Facebook is your particular brand of vodka.

And as of this morning, I have bumbled into Tumblr.

As as always, if you’re a Twitter drinker, I can be found killing time there as well.

So, I’ve gotta run. There’s a water source I have to poison or a submarine I have to hijack, or whatever the hell Bond villains do. I honestly stopped watching after Lazenby. But before I go, feel free to click on the links and bask in my social media.


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