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As a regular Fistful of Fiction reader, you already know that my latest novel, The Curse Merchant, will be available for sale on October 31 of this year. That’s only 27 days away! That’s three to the third… hmm, numerologically auspicious!

If you enjoy dark fiction, character-centered storytelling, and/or a noir flavor to your urban fantasy, you’re going to love Curse Merchant. I’ll just go ahead and say it. Love it. And as if you weren’t already giddy enough with anticipation, I’m extending a special offer to my early followers.

Between now and the release date, I am offering free digital advance reader copies of The Curse Merchant to my blog readers and Facebook Author Page followers!

This book is TOTALLY worth skipping yoga for!

Yep… it’s your chance to read my book completely free, no strings attached.

So, why in God’s Green Hell would I just give away my book ahead of the release date? Good question, and there are two good answers:

1. It’s my way of thanking and recognizing my very first fans. You’re awesome. Stop it, you are!

2. If you enjoy the book, then it’s my sincerest hope that you would feel compelled to spread the word. There are all kinds of ways to do this, from word-of-mouth to text-of-mouth to email-of-mouth… and of course when the release date comes rolling around, if I did my job as an author, you would want to write a review on Amazon and other online retailers.

Of course, there are no requirements or expectations. I just want to prime the pump and start generating buzz. This offer expires October 30th, so if you’re a blog reader, or if you follow my Facebook page, then leave a comment in either place before then, and I’ll get a digital copy of The Curse Merchant into your hot little hands. (PDF, MOBI, or ePub file formats)

And thanks again for following!

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