The Curse Merchant eBook Now Available for Purchase!

I had originally planned to launch The Curse Merchant on Halloween, but there’s a large confluence of meteorological Hell bearing down on the Mid-Atlantic, and I can’t be sure I’ll have power in the middle of the week. That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news…

I’ve gone ahead and made The Curse Merchant available for purchase now!

Finally, the long national nightmare is over!

The Curse Merchant is available on Amazon for your Kindle. Alternately I’ve uploaded it to Smashwords, so if you have a reading device that uses ePub formats, you can purchase an ePub copy there. It will be distributed to Barnes & Noble online and Apple iBooks in the next couple weeks. I’ve been asked if I will make it available in print. The short answer is: maybe. If I see strong eBook sales numbers, I’ll pull the trigger on a Print-on-Demand version.

So, this is it… you’ve heard me talk all about it for the last year or so. Time to go pick up a copy and dive into the opening salvo of the Dark Choir series. Spread the word! And if you’ve read it, please consider posting a review to share your honest thoughts.

Let me take a moment to thank my wife for bearing with me during my obsession with bringing fiction to market. You’re the best!

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