Curse Merchant Promotion Campaign Starts in January

We’re all elbow-deep in the holiday season, and in this hiatus between visiting relatives, indoor and outdoor decorating, cooking, shopping, and binge drinking… I thought I’d take a moment to outline my plans for the first of the year.

To begin with, the shiny people over at Full Moon Bites are orchestrating a blog tour for The Curse Merchant. I’ll be doing guest posts on other blogs, and will be returning spots on my blog in kind. I have a couple authors lined up already who I think will provide some interesting insights!

It's so official... it hurts!

It’s so official… it hurts!

Since exposure for the novel will be on the swell in January (and doesn’t THAT just sound filthy?), I’m planning a couple additional events to launch in tandem.

The first is something I’ve mentioned previously… I’ll be releasing a short story prequel to the Curse Merchant (working title “Good Fences”… though I might actually choose a better name once editing is done) for free on Amazon and Smashwords. Though sample chapters of Curse Merchant are available, I felt it would be beneficial for a prospective reader to have a bite-sized story ready to consume, so they can get a feel not just for how I write, but for how I tell a story.

Second, I’ll wrap up January with a week-long series on this blog wherein I will be posting photographs in and around the Baltimore area of the real-world locations which inspired or exemplify the settings in The Curse Merchant. So if you haven’t read it yet… run over to one of the online retailers and snag a copy so you’ll be able to play along at home!

That’s it for now… I missed Cyber Monday by a few miles and have some shopping to execute. Stay safe and sane my friends!

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