Blog Tour Stop – Tamara’s One Stop Indie Shop

Today on the blog tour, The Curse Merchant is spotlighted on Tamara’s One Stop Indie Shop, with a new excerpt posted up. If you want to collect all of the excerpts on the blog tour, you gotta hop on over and catch them all.

Honestly, though, I’ve never seen or played Pokemon in my life.

In other news, the short story prequel to The Curse Merchant is now available for free download. Run on over to Smashwords and grab a copy of “Bait and Witch.” For Kindle owners out there, the story is available on Amazon, though at the moment it costs $0.99. Once the planets align and price adjustments kick in, etc. etc., it’ll be available as a free download there as well. If you feel impatient, however, feel free to chip in ninety-nine cents for an entertaining short!

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