Blog Tour Stop – Guest Post at The Avid Reader

I’ve detailed my pre-writing process before on this blog, and those pages continue to receive the most hits on the entire site. People are clearly interested in the varied methods by which a writer may go about planning, outlining, and structuring a new fiction project.

Today I briefly touch on my outlining process in a guest post at The Avid Reader. Trot on over to their blog and see what I have to say!

Speaking of pre-writing, I’m happy to announce that I’m elbow-deep into pre-writing the sequel to The Curse Merchant. If you’ve read my post at Avid Reader, you’ll understand when I say that I’ve pulled the project back into “incubation” phase. I had completely outlined the story and had even begun my scene worksheets… but I had an epiphany in the car one afternoon which has radically changed the course of the next novel.

For those of you who follow the blog closely, you’ll recognize that I haven’t announced my completion of Top Secret Manuscript. I have, in fact, put that manuscript on hold. Why, you might ask? Primarily, I’m running out of time before my self-imposed deadline to get the Curse Merchant sequel prepped and ready for publication. Never fear… I shall return to Top Secret Manuscript, and may even divulge what genre it’s in, at the very least!

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