Blog Tour Stop – Review of The Curse Merchant at Harlie’s Books

Today is the last day of the Curse Merchant Blog Tour, and to send me out on a high note, Harlie has written a glowing review of The Curse Merchant. To read her review and an excerpt from the novel, stroll on over to Harlie’s Books and see what she has to say not only about Dorian, but also the secondary characters.

And thus we bring January’s blog tour to an end! I’ve posted three excerpts on eight different blogs, I’ve had four author interviews, and received seven reviews. I thank you all for sticking with me, and I’d like to thank Holly Polk at FMB Author Promotions for setting it all up. Tomorrow I will wrap up the publicity tour for The Curse Merchant with a four day event here at Fistful of Fiction, so stay tuned!

Come February, however, I return to the writing dungeon as I begin drafting the next entry in Dorian’s story… The Curse Servant, The Dark Choir Book #2. In the meantime, if you haven’t checked it out yet, hustle on over to Smashwords for a free copy of “Bait and Witch”, the short story prequel to The Curse Merchant. Not to dangle the carrot, but something in that story might pop up in the next Dark Choir book!

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