Today’s the day, my friends! Today I reveal the brand new cover art for the upcoming release of THE CURSE MERCHANT.

I’m not going to spend endless paragraphs burying the lead, so without increasing ado… I give you Dorian Lake:

The Curse Merchant: Book 1 of the Dark Choir series.

When I tell you that Dorian Lake is the best damned hex-peddler in Baltimore… I mean that in every literal sense.

What we have in this cover is a focus on both the mood of the novel, and the city itself. Curse Merchant is “urban” fantasy more than a simple genre nomenclature. For me, the city of Baltimore is as much a character of the book as anyone else, and I hope the readers agree. I’ve tried my best to situate the book as indelibly in its setting as has Richard Kadrey for the city of Los Angeles in his Sandman Slim novels.

The Curse Merchant will be available for purchase on September 15th. Spread the word, if you would, and feel free to join me for an online release party on Facebook from 5pm – 6pm on the 15th. Details forthcoming!

Go and tell others, my friends, and keep your karma shiny!

6 responses to “Cover Reveal for THE CURSE MERCHANT

    • Correct… this is the re-release of The Curse Merchant via Curiosity Quills. Though they’ve re-edited the novel to put a “high gloss” on it, it’s substantially the same book.

      I haven’t heard from Curiosity Quills when they plan to release the sequel, The Curse Servant, but if I had to guess I’d say it’d be early 2015.

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