My Weekend in Charm City, or a Tale of Two Hats


That’s the sound I make when I wrap up an exhausting weekend. And this weekend was bone-wearying fun!

I joined Curiosity Quills authors at the Baltimore Book Festival held this year (for the first time) at the Inner Harbor. Locals will recognize the Inner Harbor as “the place” to be if you’re visiting Baltimore. The weather: sunny, summery, light breezes, sunlight glittering off the water like liquid awesome. The event: tons of books everywhere you looks. Look. Looked. Shut up, I’m tired.


…mostly from taking endless selfies.

On Friday I shared the tent with Ryan Hill, author of the metaphysical comedy The Book of Bart and the upcoming zombie novel Dead New World. Saturday we were joined by Elsie Elmore, Matthew Graybosch, and CQ power-hitters Michael Shean and Krystal Wade. Together we FIGHT CRIME! Oh wait… actually we sold books.

Avengers Assemble... your swag. Seriously. Neat and tidy, people!

Avengers Assemble… your swag. Seriously. Neat and tidy, people!

One of the takeaways from the weekend was how receptive the public was to a “local” novel. Specifically, a novel set in Baltimore. When I mentioned it, people lit up and grabbed a book to read the back copy. Baltimore is a “home town” in a big way for its residents. They are fiercely loyal… to their teams, their cuisine, their neighborhoods, their culture. It was certainly gratifying to have them extend some of that loyalty to me as a local author. Cheers, hon!

Now let's grab some crab cakes and a Natty Boh!

Now let’s grab some crab cakes and a Natty Boh!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks since the launch of The Curse Merchant! As most of the Fistful regulars know, I’ve been posting plenty of promotion for the book via blog tours and my giveaway. The machine continues its tireless march, my friends… but my writing beckons. Starting this week, I am re-doubling my efforts to finish Yea Though I Walk and press ever onward. Having a book in print and in the hands of readers has only served to galvanize my resolve. I must produce more… and thus I shall!

The second book of the Dark Choir series is in the hands of the publisher already… we should expect to see it available for sale some time next year. I’ll keep you posted as schedules materialize. I’ll be announcing something soon regarding “Bait & Witch”, the prequel short story for the Dark Choir series. Ooo… teasers!

In the meantime… if you’ve read The Curse Merchant, please consider posting a review on Amazon or your point of purchase. Reviews are the best way for the next reader to catch interest. Actually… reviews are the second-best. The best way to hook more fans is word of mouth. Spread the word, loyal readers! And I thank you!

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