Big News from the Sloan Salt Mines

Happy summer, everyone! I’m sitting on a deck on a Delaware beach watching the waves and ships lining up to make their way into the Delaware Bay. I spent Father’s Day in the surf on a boogie board and drinking Dogfish Head beers. Not… y’know, not at the same time. That would be irresponsible. It’s too easy to spill beer that way.

I might have taken a tour of Dogfish Head Brewery. So...much...pipe...

I might have taken a tour of Dogfish Head Brewery. So…much…pipe…

I have news for all of you Fistful Faithful… As many of you know, I spent several months at the end of 2014 writing a standalone novel while The Curse Servant approached its publication. Well, turns out the book was a winner, and it was just picked up by Curiosity Quills! You can expect to see Yea Though I Walk next summer from CQ.

Today’s Publisher’s Lunch Daily Deal entry:

JP Sloan’s YEA THOUGH I WALK, in which a Union Army deserter seeks redemption by defending a mining town in the Wyoming Territory caught between a corrupt land baron with undead minions, and an army of ravenous Wendigo on a tear for human flesh, to Alisa Gus at Curiosity Quills Press, for publication in Summer 2016 (world).

So, if vampires vs wendigo vs cowboys sounds like your bag, keep your eyes open next summer!

In other news, the third Dark Choir novel, The Curse Mandate, is underway, roughly 64K words deep into its first draft. I’m definitely waltzing into Brad Meltzer’s dance floor with this book!

Personal appearance notes:

I’ll be sitting on three panels during the Mid-Atlantic Fiction Writer’s Institute’s annual conference in Hagerstown, August 7-9. Check out the info here.

I’ll also be joining Jen Estes at the Winchester Book Gallery on August 1, 11am – 2pm, for a joint book signing. Swing by scenic Winchester, VA for a ripping tour of the Shenandoah back slopes!

And finally, for the Faithful in the Deep South, I’ll be appearing at the Louisiana Book Festival this year, October 31st. Come by and say hi before you hit the streets for tricking and/or treating.

Alright, the beach is calling again… I’ll have to obey its eldritch allure and summon Father Lying Deep. Take care and see you soon!

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    • This book really kicks off some world-building. More cabals, more presidium, more intrigue! Also: a side-tracking discourse on the merits of islay and speyside single malts…

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