Yea Though I Walk Book Launch & Upcoming Events

Happy Friday, all you Fistful Faithful!

Well, this was the week…the launch of my latest novel, YEA THOUGH I WALK. I decided to return to my roots and hold the book launch party at the same location as my very first book launch ever. And so we descended upon Barley & Hops Restaurant and Grill in Frederick, MD, set up a table on their patio, and proceeded to rock and roll.



The weather was great, which is always a plus! I sipped on a Belgian Rye IPA while seeing some old faces and new. It was two hours of non-stop signing and chatting. A success by any standard.


Meanwhile on the ‘Zon, I got news that YtIW had reached #6 in Westerns|Horror subcategory, and it stayed on the front page all week! That’s just the Kindle edition. The paperback edition has yet to hit Amazon, but I’m expecting that any day now, so keep your eyes open if you’re holding out!

I want to extend a personal thank you to everyone who bought the book this week. You gave it a solid boost. If you bought it, read it (or possibly re-read it once you hit that ending), consider leaving a review for me on Amazon. Those reviews are the life-blood for small press authors.

So, what’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next! The Mid-Atlantic Fiction Writer’s Institute Annual Conference, is what’s next. I’ll be co-hosting a panel called “Mastering the Modern Myth” with my wife, author Courtney Sloan. We’ll be dissecting common elements of modern Urban Fantasy and Paranormal genres, tracing their DNA to folklore in literature, and discussing how they’ve evolved and what that says about our society. It’ll be a hoot…and the conference is a gem! I highly recommend if you’re in striking distance of Hagerstown, MD, signing up and coming to soak in all the panels. Access with the writers is high, lots of time for questions, lots of smiling faces and a beautiful campus.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for Book 3 of the Dark Choir series, THE CURSE MANDATE, this December. A cover reveal will be forthcoming soon. I’m currently drafting Book 4, THE DARK INTEREST…and am more than half-way done with the first draft.

Stay cool out there, Faithful, and I’ll see you in Hagerstown on August 13th!

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