Six days! That’s all we have until the release of THE CURSE MANDATE!

I’m cooking up an online release party, and all of the Fistful Faithful are expressly invited. I’ll post up details as they come.

But in the meantime, I’m sure you guys are wondering about the cover for Mandate? You are? I KNEW IT…J’ACCUSE! Here you go, my friends…the cover for The Curse Mandate.


And the cover summary:

War is coming…how much hell will Dorian Lake unleash when the gloves come off?

Saddled with both a new pupil and a bar to run, Dorian has to pick his battles carefully if he is to find his soul. When the Dark Choir bargains with Dorian in exchange for his loyalty, the power they offer may be too valuable to refuse…for a new menace threatens the hermetic order in America.

Members of the Presidium are being outed in the press, and the formidable cabal’s response is swift and brutal. But Dorian has no time to hide from the Presidium’s fury, as the new Deputy Mayor taps him to investigate a string of occult crimes. Dorian soon uncovers an ancient enemy of the Presidium, which threatens to plunge America into a lawless era not seen since the Dark Ages.

To sway Dorian to their cause, the Presidium gives him free rein to practice Netherwork. But even if the man without a soul can survive this conflict, if he can protect his friends and allies, if he can mean the difference between order and chaos… will this mandate save Dorian Lake from the schemes of the Dark Choir?

For those of you who were wishing for more world-building in the Dark Choir series, this one is for you! It’s a meaty book at 450 pages, wherein I lens out the focus from Baltimore to the national stage. There’s inter-cabal politics, a centuries-old conspiracy dating to the founding of the nation, and the Dark Choir has now arrived in the flesh!

Releases Monday… keep your eyes open, and spread the word. I’d LOVE for this to be a big release!

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