Curse Merchant Photo Tour, Day Three

Let’s take a drive west of Baltimore today, to visit Dorian’s best friend.

“Edgar Swain operated an antiques shop in the middle of the old colonial town of Frederick. Quaint red-brick row houses passed the windows of my car, as the spires of seven old cathedrals loomed over the skyline. Sunday street shoppers were lining the sidewalks, most of them walking dogs or pushing strollers. Frederick was only sixty miles away from Baltimore, but there was a world of difference between them.

I pulled my car down Carroll Street, staying to the side to allow a car to pass me in the narrow lane. An elegant but decaying store front came into view, its large black sign declaring in white cursive letters ‘SWAIN’S ANTIQUES AND ODDITIES.'”


This building was the actual inspiration for Edgar’s store. Quite a memorable scene takes place in that second-story living space! I feel the town of Frederick is a reflection of Baltimore in the same way that Edgar is a reflection of Dorian. Both places have similar architecture lining its streets, but one has a much smaller scope, is more organized, and simpler.

Tomorrow we’ll end this little photo tour with my favorite of all of the site finds. Be sure to check back tomorrow!

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