A Podcast Conversation with Jason Konopinski

I have something new and interesting for you today.


My friend Jason Konopinski and I had a conversation over Skype the other night about writing in general. We discussed the new onus that self-publishing has placed upon the reader to be her own gatekeeper for quality. We also touched on my journey into self-publishing, and perhaps most interestingly how we view ourselves as writers.

If you have fifty minutes to spare over lunch or on your commute home today, you can listen to our convo on his podcast Riffing on Writing.

And since I know there will be some new faces nosing around the old blog, I thought I’d do something special this week. The Curse Merchant is now available at a reduced price of $0.99 via Amazon or Smashwords! If you’ve thought about picking up the first book of the Dark Choir series, now’s a better opportunity than ever before. Spread the word, guys, and hop on over to Jason’s site and catch up on his podcasts!

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