Cover Reveal – The Curse Servant

Today’s the day, friends!

First of all, I’d like to thank Travis Miles for continuing to provide awesome covers for the Dark Choir series. Also for being patient with a persnickety indie author such as myself.

Second, I’d like to comment briefly on the two Dark Choir novels. The Curse Merchant began as a near-reality urban fantasy, drenched in mood and tone. The noir elements were almost inadvertent, a product more of the character and the city in which the story was set than an active choice.

Once again, a surprise came bundled up in The Curse Servant. This book is perhaps darker in mood than Curse Merchant , but the plot is heavily peppered with politics and social commentary. Again, I feel this is a consequence of the city of Baltimore as a stage for the story. Ultimately the near-reality of this universe shall, by design, unravel to reveal more and more of what lies beneath. We’ll take a tiny peek behind the curtain in The Curse Servant.

Okay, enough talk… here’s the cover:

CURSE-SERVANT-MEDThe Curse Servant will be available for purchase in eBook format both from Amazon and Smashwords on October 31st. Keen-eyed readers will recognize this as the one year anniversary of The Curse Merchant’s release. (it might also be a horror-themed holiday)

Please share and spread the word. If you haven’t read The Curse Merchant, it’s available for only $0.99. So go catch up on the intrigues of Dorian Lake and see you guys on the 31st!

3 responses to “Cover Reveal – The Curse Servant

    • Yes indeed. It will be available in ePub format either directly from Smashwords, or through its distribution network which will make it available directly through (thought that takes a couple extra weeks to show up there)

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