Curse Servant Update & Autumn Anticipation

Here in the Mid-Atlantic, we’ve enjoyed a very mild summer. Last weekend, for example, we had a few days with highs in the low 70’s. We’re looking at another such weekend coming up just in time for our county fair. All of this to trumpet the coming of autumn, easily my favorite season. Everything changes into something that feels, at least to me, more comforting and reminiscent of youth. Last night I made some pumpkin gnocchi and curried butternut squash soup. My beer choices have shifted from the summery blondes and wheats to the malty festbiers and brown ales. Soon the leaves will change and the first wisps of chilled air will blow over the Catoctin ridge into my back yard.

I’ve always wondered why it is that my senses seem to come alive during the autumn. I figured it may be because I was born in late October. My son was born in the middle of summertime, and he still prefers the heat of summertime. I don’t know… correlation may not mean causation, but I’m thoroughly jazzed. (not to mention I have a birthday coming, as does my wife, and we have an anniversary… all in the same two-week space)

Another thing to be jazzed about? I’ll be revealing the cover of The Curse Servant on Monday. Yep, this Monday, the 16th. It’s an awesome little piece of art, and I feel it really captures the darker tone this book has taken. Speaking of which, the final revisions are complete on Curse Servant, and it’s in the hands of an editor for one last spit-polish. I may be announcing my release date Monday, as well… but that sort of depends on the editor’s schedule.

In other news I have begun my next project. After putting Top Secret Manuscript ™ on indefinite hold until I figure out how to satisfactorily voice a sixteen year old, I began outlining my latest project. It, too, is independent of the Dark Choir series… and from what I hear from my wife and my critique group, it’s kind of ambitious. We shall see if I can pull this off. If I can, I think it will rock faces!

See you guys right here on Monday for the cover reveal!

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