Divergent Fates Anthology & Other News

Near the beginning of the year, I posted about my 2017 publishing plans, which included two short stories. Since then, my first short story “Fail House” has been published in the Darkscapes Anthology released in January.

Plus, new developments have sprung to life… a series of Dark Choir audiobooks has been optioned by Tantor Media. The first, The Curse Merchant, has been out for a few weeks, now. The audiobook edition of The Curse Servant will release on Audible.

And the latest announcement has been that The Dark Interest, Book 4 of the Dark Choir series, has been bumped up to an August 22nd release date! So, you’ll be able to continue Dorian Lake’s journey into darkness sooner than expected!

But what about that second short story I’d already mentioned? Glad you asked!


I’ve contributed a short story, “Snake Oil: a Tale of the Badlands”, to the Divergent Fates anthology. This is a themed anthology of tales all told within Matthew Cox’s Divergent Fates universe. I love this sort of project, as it allows us to stretch our muscles and take on new genres and viewpoints. “Snake Oil” is a particularly grim, post-apocalyptic tale of homesteaders trying to protect their tiny slice of the Badlands from roving warlords. It’s a tale of love, guilt, wholesale slaughter, and psychotic telepaths.

Be sure to pick up a copy of this anthology… it’s quite diverse in setting, though all told within the same settings as such of Cox’s bestsellers as Division Zero, Virtual Immortality, and the Awakened Series.

And once you’ve done that, remember to keep your ears peeled for the Curse Servant audiobook this June!

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