My Author Ruckus in New Orleans

Happy July to all my Fistful Faithful!

I’ve just returned from a sojourn back in the Big Easy. Too often in recent years, I’ve had to take trips to my home state of Louisiana for official business, or other less pleasant affairs. Thus it was refreshing to take a genuine vacation for a change. The family did the whole tourist thing… we stopped by Commander’s Palace for brunch, took an airboat tour of the bayou, fed alligators marshmallows, and had more than our fair share of fried seafood.

dc signing 2

We also arranged a book signing and author meet-and-greet through our publisher. The Garden District Bookshop hosted us for an evening event down on Prytania Street. My wife and I signed books, and had a surprisingly vibrant Q&A with those gathered.

dc signing

A fine affair!

Now for my latest author news…

The audiobook for The Curse Servant is officially online at Once again, Neil Hellegers dropped a bomb of awesome with his narration. The audiobook for The Curse Mandate is in-process, and is scheduled for release August 15th!

Speaking of August… Book 4 of the Dark Choir series has been bumped up for early publication! THE DARK INTEREST will release on Tuesday, August 22nd.

If you’ve read any of my books, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. These really help… no matter if it’s 5 star or 1 star. I appreciate anyone giving my books a read!

Now for future news… I’m wrapping up pre-production of Dark Interest with the publisher, after which I’ll return to writing Book 5. My aim is to push on until I wrap up the Dark Choir series with Book 6. After that, I’ve already begun the pre-writing and world-building process for my next series. I expect to dive straight into it… and fans of the Dark Choir series will be happy to hear that I’m not wandering far. The Veil Guard series will be a true spin-off of Dark Choir. Same setting, same world, new characters, new conflicts. So stay tuned for that!

Stay cool, everyone. Drink a lemonade or limon cielo for me!

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