Fall Update, Dark Choir Series & Ballgowns

Happy Fall, one and all!

Jesus… I really didn’t mean for that to rhyme.

Now that the weather is chilling off rapidly (I’m currently shivering in my office, because the space heater by the window has elected in an abundance of caution never to actually operate), I thought I’d touch on the last few months around these here parts.

I’ve had the opportunity to join fellow Curiosity Quills authors at a benefit gala for the Fairfax County Library Association. It was a Hollywood-themed event, and we all dressed to the nines! We met several interesting folk, had some wine, and generally geeked out over books… and all of it benefited the mission of supporting the public libraries.


Later this month, I’ll be manipulating the minds of future writers guest speaking at Frederick Community College to discuss life as an independent author. I always enjoy a microphone. Getting me to shut up is the trick!

Aside from that, I’m looking forward to a holiday season which bears down upon us like an avalanche. I honestly still feel as if it’s July.

Writing-wise, I am still hard at work on Book 5 of the Dark Choir series, THE DARK PRINCIPLE. There’s a lot of action in this book, and I’m folding elements from each of the previous novels in addition to a few new characters. This process proves to be time-intensive… so bear with me!

Having just rounded 50k words on the manuscript, I feel I’m a little more than halfway there. My goal is to have a cleaned-up copy to send to beta readers by Christmas. Beta readers love distractions during family get togethers!

Alright all… stay safe and warm out there. Go to a public library and show them your support, and maybe ask them to order in some of my books. Cheers!


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