Holiday Sale & Some News

Hello one and all, and happy holidays to each of you!

I have two items of interest for your eager ears. The first of which is that I have finished the first draft of Book 5, THE DARK PRINCIPLE! For those of you wondering whether Dorian will find some way to redeem himself from the darkness into which he’s descended… or if he will truly descend into evil… this book will be your answer!

So, what now? Well, finishing the first draft is nowhere near “finishing the book.” I have several passes to go through before I even send this out to beta readers. To paraphrase some wise soul whose name I can’t remember, and thus can’t adequate attribute… I’m not making sand castles, I’m just shoveling the sand into the bucket.

Time to start carving this castle!

Second item of news for you… my publisher is having a house-wide sale for all of my titles! Between today and December 24th, you can buy the Kindle edition of ANY OF MY BOOKS for only $0.99!!!

If you’ve been interested in trying out my western, YEA THOUGH I WALK, or if you just read The Curse Merchant, and are interested in pressing on but the cost was putting you off… now’s your shot to rack up without breaking the bank! So, please do spread the word. All of my books for just a dollar!

Happy Holidays once again, and I’ll see you next year!

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