Dorian Lake Rides Again!

Hello again, one and all!

This is going to be one hell of a year for yours truly, and hopefully for fans of the Dark Choir series as well. Next month begins the Dark Choir release-a-thon, wherein I will be publishing a book per month until the entire 6-book series concludes in January.

I know tons of you have been on indefinite hold for Book 5, and I hate that it happened that way. I LOVE The Dark Principle, and I have a sneaking suspicion you will too.

Subscribers to my newsletter have already seen the new cover for The Curse Merchant. Missed out on that? Subscribe here to be the first to lay eyes on these glorious new covers! In addition, you’ll receive a free copy of the short story prequel to the Dark Choir series, “Bait & Witch”. Newsletter subscribers didn’t just catch an early preview of the new cover… I also treated them to a retrospective of all four covers that have graced this title.

But that’s the past. Let’s look to the future, shall we? The new cover for the re-brand of the Dark Choir series comes courtesy of J.Caleb Design, an industry heavyweight who, by the by, is an absolute treat to work with! Feast your eyes on the new, grittier cover for The Curse Merchant that positively OOZES urban fantasy:

One thing I really wanted in the new cover was to get back to the urban fantasy roots in a way that didn’t borrow from any of the current genre giants (*cough* Jim Butcher *cough*) Dorian presents a male lead in the urban fantasy genre, which gave J.Caleb Design an opportunity to play in a new sandbox.

I’m overjoyed to present the new re-edited, re-formatted Dark Choir series for all of you. And you can rest assured… you can ride this locomotive all the way to its epic conclusion!

In the meantime, The Curse Merchant will release on August 6th. I’ll have pre-order links up on my website and my social media outlets.

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