Big News for the Dark Choir Series

I have some news for all you Fistful Faithful! Check out the video on my Facebook page here!

The Dark Choir Series has been picked up by Animus Ferrum Publishing! I’ll be re-releasing Books 1 – 4 once a month starting in August, then continuing on with The Dark Principle, Book 5, which has been on the shelf waiting for publication for almost a year. Then in January, Book 6 will drop, drawing a final curtain on the Dark Choir series! Speaking of which…

Extra bonus update… I’m ramping out a newsletter to keep the Faithful more informed. First-time subscribers will get a free e-book of “Bait & Witch”, the prequel short story to the Dark Choir series. This is a GREAT time to grab that story and bone up on Dorian’s early career as a hex-peddler. The story introduces Annarose Rodolfi, a character that becomes *ahem* quite central to the Dark Choir series during the “back half”.

So, click that newsletter link and stay up to date… and keep your eyes peeled for BRAND NEW COVERS for the entire Dark Choir series!

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