The Complete Lack of Pause Between My Projects

After two solid months of key-hammering, the first draft of Curse Servant is complete, and has been subjected to a thorough acid-wash of revisions. The second draft is now in the hands of my alpha reader (read: my wife), who is adept at picking out loose threads, plot holes, and other embarrassing yet inescapable elements of early drafts. Once that’s done and I have a third draft in-hand, I’ll be farming it out to beta readers. It’s a lot of tire-kicking, and once that’s complete I’m still going to secure the services of a professional editor. Why? Because this is serious business to me, and I want the product to be as ship-shape and Bristol-fashion as I can manage.

In the meantime, I find myself in the lull during which the readers do their thing and I, as the author, do my thing. Typically this includes some down-time, perhaps catching up on my brewing or convincing our new dog not to chew my fingers directly off.

"Don't hold your breath, pal..."

“Don’t hold your breath, pal…”

This time, however, I’ve skipped that between-projects-pause entirely. Why? Well, the astute blog follower will recall something I’ve been obtusely referring to as Top Secret Manuscript. This is the novel I began last year shortly after I wrapped up Curse Merchant. I had to put it on pause once the marketing push for Merchant began. Then, when the plot of Curse Servant landed in my frontal lobes, I elected to continue said pause in order to push on with Dorian’s sequel.

The time has come. Top Secret Manuscript is back on track! It’s a strange experience coming back to a work in progress. I typically insist on completing a full draft of a novel before returning to the output with a revising eye, but this was an exception. I had to re-read what was written in order to bring myself back to speed. And in doing so, I found some truly sharp edges that needed a good rasping. One thing led to another, and now I’m back into outlining the novel. It’s all a very good process for me, as I’m hoping this manuscript turns into something I can run past a literary agent.

In the meantime, this dog is eyeballing my ankles with sadistic intensity, so I’m going to hop back into the writing dungeon before I lose another pint of blood.

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