Dark Choir Book 5 is Official!

Howdy folks! Just wanted to pop in for a couple quick updates.

First… the next book in the Dark Choir series has now been officially contracted! Ink’s still wet on the contract, but the good folk at Curiosity Quills Press will be launching digital and paperback editions of The Dark Principle in March of 2019. This book is a sort of culmination of everything Dorian’s gone through, taking him on a figurative, and literal, road to redemption. Will the promise of securing his soul finally be realized? Or will it be stolen away, once again, by the Dark Choir?

In other news, my work in the White Lightning series continues. I’m only four chapters away from wrapping up Book 2 before sending it to my partner for her tender mercies.

If the White Lightning series sounds like your brand of gin (Urban fantasy during Prohibition? Gangsters and wizards? Tommy Guns and time pinchers? Who wouldn’t?), then I have some nifty little links for you. Book one, WOODEN NICKELS, is already available for pre-order on the following sites:

Barnes & Noble

Amazon links will be forthcoming as we approach the scheduled release date of September 18th.

That’s it for now… enjoy the final days of Spring, and I’ll be here writing!

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