The White Lightning Series is nearly upon us!

Happy end-of-August, all you Fistful Faithful!

There’s a lot going on, and about to go on, and I wanted to spazz out in front of an audience. First of all, WOODEN NICKELS, the first book in the new White Lightning series, is scheduled for release on Amazon on September 18th. That’s just two-and-a-half weeks away!

But I got one better for you… if you’re on the Nook reader, you can get an advance release for your pre-order on September 5th. That’s just SIX DAYS FROM NOW! Six days away from a brand new urban fantasy series set during Prohibition, co-authored with the estimable Debra Dunbar. And if that’s not soon enough, grab yourself a teaser right here.

And… I’ve got another one for you. The second book, BUM’S RUSH, is already available for pre-order on Amazon, B&N, and other fine book sites.

I had the opportunity to meet with Debra last night to sign some swanky swag for the series. The covers are phenomenal!


We’re hard at work, about to wrap up the first draft of Book 3. The idea is that you won’t have to wait long to take this journey. No long pauses between books… because we KNOW you’ll love this series!

In other news, I’m stacking up my writing projects for 2019. I’m starting it off with more White Lightning series books, and then on March 26th, book 5 of the Dark Choir series, THE DARK PRINCIPLE, releases on Amazon and elsewhere.

Meanwhile I have a whole new project I’m cooking up, but I’m keeping a lid on this one. It’ll involve a whole new science fiction series, plus some new stuff you haven’t seen from me yet. I’m abuzz for 2019… looks to be a breakout year for sure!

*knocks on all available wood*

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