A New Direction in 2019 for JP Sloan

Happy New Year, all you Fistful Faithful!

I promised a major update on my Facebook page, and here it is. I have a lot of work in store for 2019, for a very good reason.

My publisher, Curiosity Quills, has navigated a difficult patch this past year. In response to the changing market and the intensity of competition, they’ve pulled out their quadrants for some celestial navigation and have charted a new course. This means some changes in their business model. To be fair to the authors who’ve been with them for some years (such as yours truly) they’ve offered out clauses in case the authors didn’t agree with the new course.

I was one of those authors.

Shortly, both I and my wife, Courtney Sloan, will have the rights to all of our titles reversed, and we will no longer be with Curiosity Quills.

What does this mean for you, dear reader?

First, you may find that our titles will become temporarily unavailable on Amazon and elsewhere. Paperbacks may linger under the CQ banner for a while, as the resellers who provide these copies must sell out before the links are taken down.

Second, what is the future for the Dark Choir series? Book 5, The Dark Principle, was set to release in March of this year before this major disruption in plans. I’m happy to announce, however, that Book 5 WILL release on schedule.

Third, does this impact the White Lightning series at all? The short answer is no. That series is a co-authored endeavor with Debra Dunbar, whose responsibilities include the publishing of that series on Amazon. Furthermore, this morning I’m beginning work on Book 5 of the White Lightning series, Trouble Boys.

So, what now? I was waiting to make this next announcement until later this year, but this is as good a time as any. I plan to wrap up both White Lightning and Dark Choir series in the first half of this year. After that, I have quite a project ahead. For about ten years now I’ve been working on a tabletop roleplaying system (think Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire the Masquerade) based on some of my early “scratch” work before I began the Dark Choir series. The time has come to begin serious work toward developing the system as a retail product. Hence I’ve formed Infraluminous Entertainment LLC towards creating rules and sourcebooks with supplemental novel titles.

I’ve expanded the scope of this company to now include the re-publishing of my original Dark Choir titles, as well as Courtney’s American Scions series. She also has a science fiction series in the works, which we’ll ramp out as well. In the meantime, I’ll take advantage of this period to re-edit the original Dark Choir books and re-package. You should see them back on Amazon under the Infraluminous banner soon. I’m even kicking around the idea of creating hardcover omnibus editions combining the entire series into two trilogies.

So, I’ve got a ton of work to do. Let me get to it. In the meantime, Jake Walk, the fourth White Lightning novel, is now available on Amazon and elsewhere. Gangsters and wizards… it’s a real pumpkin-puncher, see? Twenty-three skidoo!

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