Updated Release Plans for the Dark Choir Series

Hello again, one and all!

Last month I broke the news that the Dark Choir series was back under my control, and that I intended to re-publish those titles under my personal LLC. I also pledged to keep the original release date for book 5, The Dark Principle, intact.

Well, I lied. Not so much lied as changed my mind. Rather than simply re-packaging the same novels under new covers and thrusting them onto the Amazon Jumble without so much as a hey or howareya, I’ve decided to really overhaul each of these manuscripts and give them proper releases.

The Curse Merchant was my first published novel. Originally self-published in 2012 on the Smashwords platform, it and its sequel were picked up by Curiosity Quills and published back-to-back with their in-house editors. I’ve learned a lot since that manuscript, and have released eight more titles under my name and co-authored. I’ve also come around to certain social truths these past few years to which I was blind when I first wrote these manuscripts.

In that vein, I intend on doing a complete re-edit on each of the Dark Choir books, on top of new covers. Nothing major… the stories will remain the same. I just intend on shoring up some language, catching some errors that slipped through multiple house edits, and tweaking a name or location here and there in order to address insensitivity that escaped my notice due to my state of privilege. I’ve learned, and I want to take this opportunity to improve the series.

That said, I have talent lined up for the new covers. Due to his waiting list and backlog, the re-release dates will be pushed back later this year. Here is my preliminary schedule for releases:

The Curse Merchant – August 6th

The Curse Servant – September 3rd

The Curse Mandate – October 8th

The Dark Interest – November 5th

The Dark Principle – December 3rd

The Dark Choir – January 6th

Thanks for bearing with me during this transition period. The White Lightning books are proceeding unabated. Look forward to Trouble Boys, book 5, soon!

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