Cover Reveal – YEA THOUGH I WALK (re-release)

Happy (almost) summer, all you Fistful Faithful! I have a BIG post for you today! As most of you know, the rights to my novels reverted back to me earlier this year, and I’m planning the rest of 2019 toward re-releasing each. The first title to be snatched up by another press happens to be my baby… my western/horror (or weird western, depending on the cut of your jib) YEA THOUGH I WALK.

When the task fell to me to secure new cover art for the book in which I take the most pride, I immediately approached the artist I’ve worked with in the past, one who is a master of horror and alternative illustration… Dean Samed. You’ll remember him from his award-winning cover for The Curse Servant.

Well, I was in luck. He was available, and jumped right on board to craft a new cover for YTIW. This time around, I wanted to really punch the horror elements, as that’s a readership I’ve yet to tap into. Let’s just say he knocked it directly out of the park. I’ll let you judge for yourselves:


An army of wendigo, a hoard of strigoi, and one righteous man to walk the path…

How THAT for a slice of fried gold? Linthicum Odell rides again this summer. YEA THOUGH I WALK will re-release under the Animus Ferrum Publishing banner on July 9th, 2019.

If you missed this title the first go-around, consider snatching it up now… pre-order link is live for Kindle!

Also, do me a HUGE solid… re-post and share with your horror lit friends. I’d love to drum up some notice for this book ahead of the re-release.

Stay tuned for more news on the Dark Choir series, which is next in line for re-release, along with book 5, The Dark Principle, and the finale which I’m working on right this very moment!

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